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In the past, only a few people travelled abroad. But with globalization, most middle-class families travel abroad at least once in their lifetime for study, work or business or to relocate permanently. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that at least 15.6 people of Indian origin live in several countries across the globe.

Recognizing this, Y-Axis came up in Hyderabad in 1999 to cater to people who intend to travel abroad, but do not know how to go about it. For instance, there are various procedures of documentation for different types of visas of several countries and eligibility criteria for them also vary from one country to another. To handle different requirements of customers, it now has 1100 plus employees on board in 40 plus offices in India, Dubai and Australia (with partners).

That is the reason why Y-Axis has been able to satisfactorily offer services to over a million customers to date and earned it the tag of being the best consultancy for immigration and overseas careers in India.

Unfortunately, of late, many fly-by-night operators masquerading as visa agents have sprouted all over. They overcharge, mislead and con customers. Since this company does not believe in such unethical practices, it has come up with ways to deal with Y-Axis frauds. It took special efforts such as implementing Genesys (call tracking and monitoring software), availing Salesforce CRM and appointing customer relationship officers to handle any complaints or grievances of its clients promptly.

These preventive measures have proved to be so effective that they have made competitors of Y-Axis wake up. This has also helped Y-Axis to become one of the most trusted companies in this space. Its ability to retain customers also has made it stand apart.

Besides immigration and visa services, Y-Axis has also introduced English language coaching for exams such as PTE and IELTS and it has an overseas careers division which helps in placing people in countries abroad. All of these services are provided in a safe and a secure way.

How Y-Axis retains an edge over competitors

Every successful company knows that it cannot ignore the minutest of problems. If it does so, it can imperil itself if that issue snowballs into something bigger. Y-Axis is mindful of this and takes care that no problem goes unaddressed. That is how it approaches Y-Axis frauds and ensures that they never occur. The company has initiated practices to prevent any untoward occurrences from taking place in the name of Y-Axis.

The loyal clientele of Y-Axis knows the attention that company pays to such issues and it is appreciated by them. Moreover, it is well-known that all practices of the company are customer-centric. The special care it takes while handling its clients’ issues is recognised. It has resulted in Y-Axis being favoured by its clients because of the primacy they get.

That is why the company has come a long way since it was founded in 1999. It now has 35 plus offices in India, Dubai and in Melbourne (with partners) where it has more than 1100 staff extending and supporting its various services such as immigration, visas, resume writing, resume marketing, concierge and English language coaching (for exams such as IELT, PTE or TOEFL iBT).

It also has introduced some practices at offices to pre-empt certain undesirable things from happening. Those include installing Genesys (call tracking and monitoring software) and surveillance cameras at key points at each one of its offices. Whenever new consultants join the company, they are informed about the values of the company such as integrity and taking ownership of their work, besides others. In return, its immigration consultants and process consultants are actually made to feel like its stakeholders by being rewarded handsomely. It is a fact that most of Y-Axis employees feel affiliated to it because of such practices. In fact, it has many employees who have been working with it for more than five years.

How Y-Axis keeps its image squeaky clean

When a company is India’s No.1 immigration and visa consultant, it has to shoulder a lot of responsibilities to keep its brand image intact. It, therefore, has instituted guidelines to prevent Y-Axis frauds from happening.

Its anti-fraud policy is very robust, with whose help it goes all out to protect its clients from falling into a trap laid out by some mischievous elements whose aim is only to defraud.

The company provides free counselling and other services. When they realize that a candidate has a strong profile, with impressive educational qualifications and experience, they pull out all stops to ensure that he/she would be sent abroad to work or invest. For a student, educational qualifications would suffice. All this is facilitated by its talented team of immigration consultants and process consultants.

Its services also include overseas job placements, concierge, resume writing, resume marketing and English language coaching for immigrant aspirants such as IELTS, PTE and TOEFL iBT.

One would know how strong the profile of Y-Axis is by going through its past history, facts and figures. Established in 1999, it now has 35 plus offices in India, Dubai and Australia (with partners) and 1100 plus employees on its rolls. It has till date helped about a million people go abroad, either on short-term visas or long-term visas.

You can read how it has helped them by going through its testimonials posted on YouTube. You can also see how it engages its clients by posting news about immigration on its website and on its social media channels such as Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus and so on.

If people have been facing problems during their processes, they are encouraged to send emails detailing them. They will be duly addressed by its customer relationship officers and that too promptly. It also makes use of Genesys- class tracking and recording software-, Salesforce CRM and surveillance cameras to make customers breathe easily about their information being kept safe and secure.

What makes Y-Axis tick

The brand Y-Axis has always been synonymous with immigration and visa services. This is primarily because it provides services of the top order, which can be substantiated by facts that boggle our new customers. With 35 offices being manned by 1100 employees all over the world, over a million clients have availed its services and felt satisfied with it since it came into being in 1999. It is further evident when one browses through its testimonials its clients have posted on various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

The company attributes this success to its close bonding with its clients who have been associated with Y-Axis for many years. Moreover, its slew of services, besides immigration services, such as overseas job placements, concierge, counseling, resume writing, resume marketing and English language coaching services are also rated very highly.

Its unique selling proposition lies in the way it operates, without giving clients any room for complaining. Apart from the integrity of the team and their hard work, it is ensured that Y-Axis frauds do not occur.

To prevent malpractices from happening, it has introduced some novel and innovative approaches. They include the introduction of Genesys – contact solution software -, installation of surveillance cameras, placement of customer relationship officers to troubleshoot any complaints immediately that are raised by clients and the use of Salesforce CRM, among others. With the use of such measures, the company makes sure it is protected from untoward incidents of any type. This is where most companies err. In today’s technological world, it is imperative for organizations to use online protection tools.

In addition, Y-Axis adapts itself to changing market requirements by keeping its eyes and ears open. It is not resistant to adopt new ways of doing things because it is only aware that being unconventional without compromising its principles is the way to move forward. Importantly, all of this gives its clients an assurance that they can take-Axis into confidence.

How clients’ suggestions help Y-Axis improve

In order to improve itself further, Y-Axis always gives a patient hearing to feedback and suggestions of its clients. In fact, it has been its regular practice to know what its clients feel about the company’s services on a regular basis.

Besides helping Y-Axis constantly learn, it also highlights its strengths and weaknesses. The more candid their reviews, the more helpful it is for the company. Sugarcoating does not serve any purpose. It is well-known that the top priority of Y-Axis is customer satisfaction. The entire well-being of the company depends on this. Its bottom line, employee satisfaction and a healthy work atmosphere are possible only if its clients are happy. To achieve this, the company has employed foolproof methods to ensure that Y-Axis frauds are non-existent.

To satisfy clients, it is also necessary that the company keeps providing all of its core offerings such as immigration services, visa services and overseas job placements as efficiently as it has been doing for more than 19 years. This, however, does not mean that Y-Axis accords secondary importance to its ancillary services such as English language coaching, concierge, resume marketing and resume writing, among others. Y-Axis does not consider any service to be minor, lest few readers get that impression.

By responding promptly to clients queries and concerns and processing their data to find what services would be most suitable for them is the forte of Y-Axis, and that is the reason it is able to retain its clients. More than advertising, its word-of-mouth publicity, which comes from the referrals of its clients, is the reason behind its success.

As Y-Axis gets an increasing number of positive reviews, the company puts in more efforts to see that the success ratio is maintained. All of its employees are aware of this fact. Because with changing times, one never knows how new technologies and innovations will impact the way one works. Therefore, Y-Axis understands that learning is a never-ending process.

How Y-Axis is able to function optimally

Y-Axis realizes that to be successful in the fields of immigration and visa services and overseas job placements, it is important not to ignore even the most trivial of the details. It is applicable to the company in each one of the processes it follows.

When a company is doing so, its clients understand that the company is not only detail oriented, but is also committed to providing wholesome services to them. It is, in fact, the bedrock of the company and all the results it attains are the byproducts in pursuance of such policies.

Included in it apart from its regular services such as the provision of visas, counselling, coaching in English language tests such as IELTS, TOEFL iBT and PTE, concierge, resume writing, resume marketing and so on is the prevention of Y-Axis frauds. To address the last mentioned one, a lot of effort is needed both from the company and its employees. It has to be tackled in a multi-pronged manner. Understanding this, Y-Axis has introduced quite a few practices such as implementation of surveillance cameras, taking onboard experienced customer relationship officers, whose main duty is to attend to specific complaints of clients, no matter how trivial they may seem, use of Salesforce solutions, implementation of a contact centre solution – Genesys and so on.

The company does not mind spending time, personnel and resources because this is an issue they need to address at any cost. It does not like to put any of its clients ever at risk.

It also understands the cliché an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is not mere verbiage, but a practical way of ensuring that certain issues are not faced by the company.

Only if it follows through with such practices it can really prove to itself that it is being true to its philosophy of putting clients before anything else.

Check out Y-Axis services to know why they are special

If you want to know Y-Axis is so raved about, you have to check out their services personally, including how their staff treats their customers.

Some people have cited it as one of the best experiences they have had at a services’ company. Y-Axis provides top-class immigration services, overseas career placements, training in English language tests such as IELTS, TOEFL and PTE.

Check the testimonials of Y-Axis and you would know that the company is not making empty claims. To cite a cliché, the proof of the pudding lies in eating it. Primarily, their priority to eliminate Y-Axis frauds has been lauded by many of their customers as it shows their commitment to providing legitimate services.

Such compliments motivate their workforce such as immigration consultants, process consultants, counsellors and coaching staff by encouraging them to surpass themselves. They have managed to do it because they emphasize on customer satisfaction all the time. This has been the core mission of the company since its inception in 1999. Profitability and employee satisfaction are the results of this approach. To keep the customers happy, services of Y-Axis are offered promptly, courteously and, most importantly, to their utmost satisfaction.

If any grievances are raised, despite all efforts put in by the company, they are addressed immediately. They are able to do so because they have instituted some practices which ensure that complaints are kept in check. Because of all such practices, efficiency and ethical practices that the company is associated with, it now has 35 plus offices all over the world with 1100 employees on its payrolls.

Apart from the services mentioned above, Y-Axis also provides resume writing, resume marketing, besides concierge services. It has also chalked out plans to diversify its services further. Not known to many is the fact that it supports two CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives named ‘Know More School’ and ‘Heal A Child’ through which it extends support to underprivileged sections of society.

How Y-Axis builds long-term relationships

Y-Axis caters to its customers by being ever present for them just like public service providers to the general public. This quality of theirs sets them apart from their competitors in the immigration services space. To use a cliché, they always practice what they preach.

For instance, when a customer comes to this company to avail services, they invariably keep coming back. Y-Axis is, in fact, not just an option, but a habit with most of our customers. So, retaining customers is as important as attracting new ones. It, therefore, lays emphasis on predicting their future needs by understanding the kind of services they avail now. In fact, sometimes, our consultants surprise our clients by anticipating their needs.

In other words, clients are the main assets of this immigration company. To keep them happy, Y-Axis pulls out all stops by providing hassle-free services, giving them a patient hearing, ensuring that they are never ever victims of Y-Axis frauds and so on. It also keeps in touch with them by sending them mailers, asking them for their feedback through emails. It also follows them on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Quora forums, Facebook, etc. In fact, they are always under the radar of Y-Axis.

It goes one step further by treating their friends or relatives as it does them by offering them special treatment as well in order to let its loyal customers feel that they are genuinely a part of the larger Y-Axis family. Y-Axis invests as much in gaining trust as it does by expending financially to see that its infrastructure, immigration consultants and process consultants at all of its 35 offices world over are working optimally.

Y-Axis also keeps track of its mistakes as much as it does of its successes, or even more. By doing so, it knows how to pre-empt such things from happening going forward and, in turn, keeps itself in the position of offering the best services possible to its clients.

Why Y-Axis is way ahead of its competitors

Nobody in the sector of immigration services focuses on delivering specialized services to its clients the way Y-Axis does. The company provides solutions that are comprehensive and wide-ranging rather than mere products to them. Retaining customers is more important to it than making a quick buck. It has been able to do so because it has on board a friendly and an empathetic workforce.

When the company recruits immigrant consultants and process consultants, it ensures that they possess the aforementioned qualities other than expertise and domain experience. It is central to the work ethos of the company. That is the reason why you will never ever hear of Y-Axis frauds.

The management also ensures that the hired employees perceive requests of clients in a precise manner because that is the only way unique immigration requirements of each customer can be met properly.

In this ever-changing landscape of immigration, services have to be tweaked as the policies of various countries towards migration keeps getting overhauled continually. The company takes moves to see that these kinds of changes do not affect the way the clients are being catered to. Keeping this in mind, Y-Axis keeps taking pre-emptive steps to counter any contingencies that may arise. This ability to foresee any future changes in immigration policies by keeping its ears to the ground is also its unique selling proposition. It is, in fact, ingrained in the DNA of Y-Axis.

On the administrative side, the company has several policies in place such as barring employees from using their personal mobile phones at their workstations, implementation of surveillance cameras that keep tabs on what is coming or what is going out and monitoring of phone calls through a high-end process named Genesys ensure that employees of the company are never ever making any false moves, keeping Y-Axis free from fraudulent complaints.

Because of such cautious measures and other preventive measures that Y-Axis takes, it will undoubtedly stay far ahead of its competitors in a long time to come.

Unique approach followed by Y-Axis

Any company in the immigration services domain cannot afford to miss the wood for the trees. At the same time, they cannot gloss over what others may consider as trivial. No detail is unimportant when Y-Axis takes up a client’s assignment. It means Y-Axis frauds should be dealt with. This is our primary priority. To preempt this, the company has solutions in place to deal with them in order that our clients unnecessarily do not have to go though even minor inconveniences.

This has been noticed by our clients who appreciate how meticulously we go about our job of catering to their various needs such as immigration, providing visas, searching jobs for people overseas and so on.

The other things we do to avoid that nothing goes amiss, we adopt foolproof methods such as having surveillance cameras in all our offices, not allowing immigration consultants and process consultants to carry mobile phones to their workspaces and hiring of customer relationship officers to resolve clients concerns. This is the way we troubleshoot problems and prevent fraudulent practices at Y-Axis from happening.

As we know in today’s technological world, everybody’s information is at the risk of being compromised, which is why we have the latest software to keep ourselves guarded against adware, spyware, viruses and more. Mind you, this is always an ongoing process. Even if we let down our guard a little bit, the company knows that it could court trouble. Nothing is, therefore, left to chance in this highly professional company.

In addition, integrity and ethical values are the core values of each and every employee of Y-Axis. These are ingrained within them from the moment they become employees of this company. We have an internal communications system though which each of them is again reminded of them.

This has proved successful and that is the reason Y-Axis is the number one immigration services and visa consultancy