What makes Y-Axis tick

The brand Y-Axis has always been synonymous with immigration and visa services. This is primarily because it provides services of the top order, which can be substantiated by facts that boggle our new customers. With 35 offices being manned by 1100 employees all over the world, over a million clients have availed its services and felt satisfied with it since it came into being in 1999. It is further evident when one browses through its testimonials its clients have posted on various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

The company attributes this success to its close bonding with its clients who have been associated with Y-Axis for many years. Moreover, its slew of services, besides immigration services, such as overseas job placements, concierge, counseling, resume writing, resume marketing and English language coaching services are also rated very highly.

Its unique selling proposition lies in the way it operates, without giving clients any room for complaining. Apart from the integrity of the team and their hard work, it is ensured that Y-Axis frauds do not occur.

To prevent malpractices from happening, it has introduced some novel and innovative approaches. They include the introduction of Genesys – contact solution software -, installation of surveillance cameras, placement of customer relationship officers to troubleshoot any complaints immediately that are raised by clients and the use of Salesforce CRM, among others. With the use of such measures, the company makes sure it is protected from untoward incidents of any type. This is where most companies err. In today’s technological world, it is imperative for organizations to use online protection tools.

In addition, Y-Axis adapts itself to changing market requirements by keeping its eyes and ears open. It is not resistant to adopt new ways of doing things because it is only aware that being unconventional without compromising its principles is the way to move forward. Importantly, all of this gives its clients an assurance that they can take-Axis into confidence.

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