Unique approach followed by Y-Axis

Any company in the immigration services domain cannot afford to miss the wood for the trees. At the same time, they cannot gloss over what others may consider as trivial. No detail is unimportant when Y-Axis takes up a client’s assignment. It means Y-Axis frauds should be dealt with. This is our primary priority. To preempt this, the company has solutions in place to deal with them in order that our clients unnecessarily do not have to go though even minor inconveniences.

This has been noticed by our clients who appreciate how meticulously we go about our job of catering to their various needs such as immigration, providing visas, searching jobs for people overseas and so on.

The other things we do to avoid that nothing goes amiss, we adopt foolproof methods such as having surveillance cameras in all our offices, not allowing immigration consultants and process consultants to carry mobile phones to their workspaces and hiring of customer relationship officers to resolve clients concerns. This is the way we troubleshoot problems and prevent fraudulent practices at Y-Axis from happening.

As we know in today’s technological world, everybody’s information is at the risk of being compromised, which is why we have the latest software to keep ourselves guarded against adware, spyware, viruses and more. Mind you, this is always an ongoing process. Even if we let down our guard a little bit, the company knows that it could court trouble. Nothing is, therefore, left to chance in this highly professional company.

In addition, integrity and ethical values are the core values of each and every employee of Y-Axis. These are ingrained within them from the moment they become employees of this company. We have an internal communications system though which each of them is again reminded of them.

This has proved successful and that is the reason Y-Axis is the number one immigration services and visa consultancy

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