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How Y-Axis ended up being on top

When people think of visas and immigration services, one of the first names that come to their mind is Y-Axis. It required 18 + years of patience, dedicated hard work, forging of strong relationships with customers, following up with visa centres, Embassies and High Commissions and so many other large as well as minute things to become India’s premier immigration services consultancy. While offering services, we ensure that no fraud is committed by Y-Axis at all.

Moreover, Y-Axis also goes into the minutest detail so that it does not miss out on anything remotely important. Needless to say, our services are timely and transparent. The services we offer our clients are so important to us because when they agreed to sign up for our services, they reposed their trust in us and paid us. This makes us responsible for delivering to them the services we promised by straining every sinew of our organization. Since we are sustaining and flourishing because of our clients, it is, therefore, incumbent on us that we do not renege on any of the promises we made to them.

We consider each employee to be the brick of Y-Axis. At the same time, there is no room for complacency. No transgression of any kind by any of our employees is tolerated. Y-Axis is totally against fraudulent activities as was reiterated above. If any such activity is reported by our company, Y-Axis brooks no opposition until the guilty are brought to book. But such instances are few and far between, as our policies are watertight and guilty are penalized severely. Our hiring process is also scrupulous in order to ensure that we hire employees for whom integrity and honesty are of paramount importance. Behind our success is the hard work of all conscientious employees of our company.

However, we cannot be sitting on our achievements smugly. If we wish to maintain our reputation, we are aware that we should keep offering peerless services, and in the process also strive to improve further all the time.


Find immigration services like never before at Y-Axis! This is a claim we are making only after rendering the best services to many of clients, over many years. We have tried to stand out in our services in many ways. You will understand this better, when you get in touch with any of our experts at Y-Axis.


To maintain our uniqueness, we have spread our services over multiple areas, beginning from visa application to help in travel planning and also concierge services. By choosing Y-Axis, you are putting yourself at ease regarding many issuing of beginning a successful career abroad. We start with informing you of your eligibility for the country of your choice.

While telling you this, we also give you alternate options to explore depending on your profile. Y-Axis Reviews will tell you that many of our clients have relied on us, for the most important decision and have reported extreme satisfaction. The next step after seeking necessary information from you, we start the application process.


We try to create good profile that could be acceptable to the visa officer. Having said that, we are not liable to guarantee the acceptance or rejection of your visa application. It is totally at the desecration of the visa officer. To keep you safe from deceit, we have an anti fraud policy. With this, you have an exact idea of the entire process, giving total value to the money you invest with us.

Apart of our policy warns you against dealing with individual employees of Y-Axis, be it financial involvement or otherwise. If you do get into such interaction, despite warning, we cannot be held responsible. You will always get a receipt of your transactions with us. We take all this care so that you never experience Y-Axis Fraud. Y-Axis is the one stop for all your immigration needs.

You Are Never Vulnerable to Fraud at Y-Axis!

Y-Axis Overseas Careers has always been dedicated to its clients, who are the pivotal point around which our company revolves. We take care to deliver nothing but the best to our clients. We take utmost care to make sure that Y-Axis Fraud is never an issue with our clients. With the same view in mind, we have section called Y-Axis complaints, for people to tell us why they are unhappy, so we could improve our firm in those areas.

Those who claim that Y-Axis is fraud are probably unaware of our anti fraud policy. Y-Axis anti fraud policy is just perfect, giving the company and its clients, immunity against any fraud that is likely to occur. It is now time to get familiar with the anti fraud policy of Y-Axis. We follow simple and transparent procedures, that can never go wrong.


According to Y-Axis anti fraud policy, you can always ask for a receipt of any payment made to Y-Axis. You will also receive an acknowledgement for the same through our central software. Y-Axis provides its clients with a platform where they can get in touch with our staff, regarding their queries about payments.

Our next step to ensure the prevention of fraud is through clarity in payments. Any payments made for services rendered by Y-Axis, should be made to the company and not to the individual employee. Any client involving in such practices cannot hold the company responsible for fraud thereafter. Therefore we strictly discourage any interaction between our employee and the client, beyond the necessary exchange of words.

Another important thing that we take care of, to keep you away from all kinds of fraud is, the use of authentic documents. We only deal with those documents, that are provided to us by the clients. If you are sure that you gave us the right documents, you can be sure that nothing will go wrong.