How Y-Axis retains an edge over competitors

Every successful company knows that it cannot ignore the minutest of problems. If it does so, it can imperil itself if that issue snowballs into something bigger. Y-Axis is mindful of this and takes care that no problem goes unaddressed. That is how it approaches Y-Axis frauds and ensures that they never occur. The company has initiated practices to prevent any untoward occurrences from taking place in the name of Y-Axis.

The loyal clientele of Y-Axis knows the attention that company pays to such issues and it is appreciated by them. Moreover, it is well-known that all practices of the company are customer-centric. The special care it takes while handling its clients’ issues is recognised. It has resulted in Y-Axis being favoured by its clients because of the primacy they get.

That is why the company has come a long way since it was founded in 1999. It now has 35 plus offices in India, Dubai and in Melbourne (with partners) where it has more than 1100 staff extending and supporting its various services such as immigration, visas, resume writing, resume marketing, concierge and English language coaching (for exams such as IELT, PTE or TOEFL iBT).

It also has introduced some practices at offices to pre-empt certain undesirable things from happening. Those include installing Genesys (call tracking and monitoring software) and surveillance cameras at key points at each one of its offices. Whenever new consultants join the company, they are informed about the values of the company such as integrity and taking ownership of their work, besides others. In return, its immigration consultants and process consultants are actually made to feel like its stakeholders by being rewarded handsomely. It is a fact that most of Y-Axis employees feel affiliated to it because of such practices. In fact, it has many employees who have been working with it for more than five years.

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