How Y-Axis keeps its image squeaky clean

When a company is India’s No.1 immigration and visa consultant, it has to shoulder a lot of responsibilities to keep its brand image intact. It, therefore, has instituted guidelines to prevent Y-Axis frauds from happening.

Its anti-fraud policy is very robust, with whose help it goes all out to protect its clients from falling into a trap laid out by some mischievous elements whose aim is only to defraud.

The company provides free counselling and other services. When they realize that a candidate has a strong profile, with impressive educational qualifications and experience, they pull out all stops to ensure that he/she would be sent abroad to work or invest. For a student, educational qualifications would suffice. All this is facilitated by its talented team of immigration consultants and process consultants.

Its services also include overseas job placements, concierge, resume writing, resume marketing and English language coaching for immigrant aspirants such as IELTS, PTE and TOEFL iBT.

One would know how strong the profile of Y-Axis is by going through its past history, facts and figures. Established in 1999, it now has 35 plus offices in India, Dubai and Australia (with partners) and 1100 plus employees on its rolls. It has till date helped about a million people go abroad, either on short-term visas or long-term visas.

You can read how it has helped them by going through its testimonials posted on YouTube. You can also see how it engages its clients by posting news about immigration on its website and on its social media channels such as Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus and so on.

If people have been facing problems during their processes, they are encouraged to send emails detailing them. They will be duly addressed by its customer relationship officers and that too promptly. It also makes use of Genesys- class tracking and recording software-, Salesforce CRM and surveillance cameras to make customers breathe easily about their information being kept safe and secure.

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