How Y-Axis builds long-term relationships

Y-Axis caters to its customers by being ever present for them just like public service providers to the general public. This quality of theirs sets them apart from their competitors in the immigration services space. To use a cliché, they always practice what they preach.

For instance, when a customer comes to this company to avail services, they invariably keep coming back. Y-Axis is, in fact, not just an option, but a habit with most of our customers. So, retaining customers is as important as attracting new ones. It, therefore, lays emphasis on predicting their future needs by understanding the kind of services they avail now. In fact, sometimes, our consultants surprise our clients by anticipating their needs.

In other words, clients are the main assets of this immigration company. To keep them happy, Y-Axis pulls out all stops by providing hassle-free services, giving them a patient hearing, ensuring that they are never ever victims of Y-Axis frauds and so on. It also keeps in touch with them by sending them mailers, asking them for their feedback through emails. It also follows them on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Quora forums, Facebook, etc. In fact, they are always under the radar of Y-Axis.

It goes one step further by treating their friends or relatives as it does them by offering them special treatment as well in order to let its loyal customers feel that they are genuinely a part of the larger Y-Axis family. Y-Axis invests as much in gaining trust as it does by expending financially to see that its infrastructure, immigration consultants and process consultants at all of its 35 offices world over are working optimally.

Y-Axis also keeps track of its mistakes as much as it does of its successes, or even more. By doing so, it knows how to pre-empt such things from happening going forward and, in turn, keeps itself in the position of offering the best services possible to its clients.

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