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Y-Axis Client Relationship Department plays a crucial role in company’s success. It attends to customer feedback, grievances, reviews and testimonials.

The CRM department at Y-Axis uses the latest state-of-art technology to connect with clients, receive their feedback and share the same with the concerned department within the organization. It is focused towards offering great customer service by maintaining cordial work relation with each and every Y-Axis customer.

The Key Features:

  1. Immense Product/Service Knowledge

Every client relationship officer has knowledge of products/services. They are well-versed and also have access to the details related to immigration, visa, job search, resume writing and all other products the company offers. So they are able to answer customer queries in time with ease.

  1. Timely Client Interaction

Reaching out to clients on time is one of the crucial aspects of Y-Axis growth. Y-Axis client support team talks to customers to listen to their grievances and feedback to amicably answer their queries. The case is forwarded to concerned departments and consultants if required.

  1. Use of Latest CRM Technology

The team uses one of the best CRM technology available in the market to manage client data from the date of sign-up till the services are fully delivered and beyond.

The client relationship department at Y-Axis leaves no stone unturned to ensure client satisfaction.

3 thoughts on “Customer Helpdesk

  1. Sabharish Kumar

    I have a great experience with Y-axis. The service and Guidance provided by the employees are really satisfactory. My resume is prepared according to my needs in such a way that with a little modifications, I could fix my profile and apply for jobs in different domain. I appreciate Savitha for her patience and hard work to get my resume in right shape. I strongly recommend the Y-Axis resume writing services.

  2. Pradeep Wiyyala

    I visited y-axis organisation for visa to visit UK. The staff was very attentive and helpful. My process consultant, Sajida Hasham is very knowledgeable about the work and she is genuinely interested in helping me to meet my needs. I am very satisfied with her service and hard work. I look forward to working with your team again in the future, as well as recommend it to others.

  3. Rohit Nair

    Hi..I had opted for Canada PR service through Y Axis and to be honest I had no idea about the procedure at the initial stages. But thanks to Arijit for helping me with all the preliminary work and guiding me in the right direction.. His soft spoken and helping attitude indicates his commitment towards his clients. I am very happy with his service and would advice others to reach out to Y Axis for overseas consultation.


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