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Trust Y-Axis For All Your Needs!

If you are planning to go abroad to study or to work, consult Y-Axis for the best immigration services. Whether it is filing your application or taking your profile to prospective employers, we will do it all. Just plan your trip and give us your details, the rest will be taken care of by Y-Axis. We are a trusted firm, so Y-Axis Fraud will never be an issue.


At Y-Axis, we look into concierge services, visa application, job finding and many more things. When you provide us with your valuable information, we make use of only that, in processing documents. This keeps our clients away from the worry of any kind of fraud. This is the reason why, Y-Axis Complaints always remain less. The dedication and transparency at Y-Axis has helped increase the number of satisfied clients.


To maintain what we have achieved and to improve on the same, Y-Axis has designed an Anti Fraud policy that keeps our clients safe from any kind of fraud. Our anti fraud policy stands out in many ways. We follow simple ways to prevent fraud. Any transaction with Y-Axis will give you a receipt of the same. This will keep you informed of our dealings.

Y-Axis discourages any personal interaction between its employees and clients. If you are offered any services, other than those of Y-Axis, you are advised to bring it to our notice. In case you do get into such a transaction, the company cannot be held responsible. You must know about Y-Axis to prevent this from happening.

The most important thing to be kept in mind, is the fact that Y-Axis does not deal with any fraudulent documents. You must check the validity of the documents before giving us access to them. If you do so, you must know that Y-Axis cannot be held responsible in such circumstances. We like to trust and be trusted!

Y-Axis against Fraud to Protect Customer Interests

In the times when immigration fraud is prevalent all around the world, Y-Axis immigration consultant firmly stands against fraud. From the day of inception till today, Y-Axis has always been against fraud – in the interest of its clients and the company as well.

Y-Axis has been offering immigration and visa services for 15 years and has always adhered to the immigration rules and policies framed by respective countries. Be it procedures for filing an immigration petition, documentation or anything else, everything is in accordance with the due procedures.

Apart from that, Y-Axis against fraud also means that the company is strictly against any fraudulent activity by any of its employees or third parties in Y-Axis name. The company has therefore framed a Y-Axis anti-fraud policy.

The Anti-fraud policy clearly defines how one can prevent himself/herself from falling in the immigration trap. It further clarifies the company’s stand and helps the immigration industry as a whole.

People willing to migrate can go through Y-Axis anti-fraud policy to protect their hard earned money and to get proper immigration services.

Approach Customer Relationship Department For Y-Axis Complaints

While it is extremely important for a company to address customer grievances, it is also equally important for customers to approach a company for any complaints/feedback they have. Most companies these days have CRM department and so does Y-Axis Immigration Consultants.

Y-Axis is Open to Genuine Complaints/Feedback

In the last 16 years of service, Y-Axis has done a commendable job – served 1000’s of clients, helped them migrate overseas, go abroad for studies, and visit abroad for tours and travel. During this phase, many clients were counseled, thousands received their visas successfully, but few did not. Those whose applications were rejected, approached the company and discussed what went wrong. The client relationship department took heed of their concerns and when required ensured to improve the process. Y-Axis is always open to listen to all genuine concerns of the customers.

Y-Axis is India’s best immigration consultant. It is also a reliable careers and immigration consultant that offers wide range of services – from job search to resume writing to immigration, visas, ticketing, concierge, post-landing services and more. Y-Axis reviews are a testimony to it. And for each of these services, there is a good support team to address customer queries and concerns.

The company aims to address all genuine complaints in compliance with the mutually agreed terms and conditions.

Contact Y-Axis Customer Relationship Department

Y-Axis complaints will be duly addressed by the support team. Customers can share their feedback, be it positive or negative, and also give Y-Axis reviews based on their experience with the company. All clients, irrespective of the product/service they chose, can connect with the Client Relationship Department and get their grievances addressed.