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Check out Y-Axis services to know why they are special

If you want to know Y-Axis is so raved about, you have to check out their services personally, including how their staff treats their customers.

Some people have cited it as one of the best experiences they have had at a services’ company. Y-Axis provides top-class immigration services, overseas career placements, training in English language tests such as IELTS, TOEFL and PTE.

Check the testimonials of Y-Axis and you would know that the company is not making empty claims. To cite a cliché, the proof of the pudding lies in eating it. Primarily, their priority to eliminate Y-Axis frauds has been lauded by many of their customers as it shows their commitment to providing legitimate services.

Such compliments motivate their workforce such as immigration consultants, process consultants, counsellors and coaching staff by encouraging them to surpass themselves. They have managed to do it because they emphasize on customer satisfaction all the time. This has been the core mission of the company since its inception in 1999. Profitability and employee satisfaction are the results of this approach. To keep the customers happy, services of Y-Axis are offered promptly, courteously and, most importantly, to their utmost satisfaction.

If any grievances are raised, despite all efforts put in by the company, they are addressed immediately. They are able to do so because they have instituted some practices which ensure that complaints are kept in check. Because of all such practices, efficiency and ethical practices that the company is associated with, it now has 35 plus offices all over the world with 1100 employees on its payrolls.

Apart from the services mentioned above, Y-Axis also provides resume writing, resume marketing, besides concierge services. It has also chalked out plans to diversify its services further. Not known to many is the fact that it supports two CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives named ‘Know More School’ and ‘Heal A Child’ through which it extends support to underprivileged sections of society.

How Y-Axis builds long-term relationships

Y-Axis caters to its customers by being ever present for them just like public service providers to the general public. This quality of theirs sets them apart from their competitors in the immigration services space. To use a cliché, they always practice what they preach.

For instance, when a customer comes to this company to avail services, they invariably keep coming back. Y-Axis is, in fact, not just an option, but a habit with most of our customers. So, retaining customers is as important as attracting new ones. It, therefore, lays emphasis on predicting their future needs by understanding the kind of services they avail now. In fact, sometimes, our consultants surprise our clients by anticipating their needs.

In other words, clients are the main assets of this immigration company. To keep them happy, Y-Axis pulls out all stops by providing hassle-free services, giving them a patient hearing, ensuring that they are never ever victims of Y-Axis frauds and so on. It also keeps in touch with them by sending them mailers, asking them for their feedback through emails. It also follows them on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Quora forums, Facebook, etc. In fact, they are always under the radar of Y-Axis.

It goes one step further by treating their friends or relatives as it does them by offering them special treatment as well in order to let its loyal customers feel that they are genuinely a part of the larger Y-Axis family. Y-Axis invests as much in gaining trust as it does by expending financially to see that its infrastructure, immigration consultants and process consultants at all of its 35 offices world over are working optimally.

Y-Axis also keeps track of its mistakes as much as it does of its successes, or even more. By doing so, it knows how to pre-empt such things from happening going forward and, in turn, keeps itself in the position of offering the best services possible to its clients.

Why Y-Axis is way ahead of its competitors

Nobody in the sector of immigration services focuses on delivering specialized services to its clients the way Y-Axis does. The company provides solutions that are comprehensive and wide-ranging rather than mere products to them. Retaining customers is more important to it than making a quick buck. It has been able to do so because it has on board a friendly and an empathetic workforce.

When the company recruits immigrant consultants and process consultants, it ensures that they possess the aforementioned qualities other than expertise and domain experience. It is central to the work ethos of the company. That is the reason why you will never ever hear of Y-Axis frauds.

The management also ensures that the hired employees perceive requests of clients in a precise manner because that is the only way unique immigration requirements of each customer can be met properly.

In this ever-changing landscape of immigration, services have to be tweaked as the policies of various countries towards migration keeps getting overhauled continually. The company takes moves to see that these kinds of changes do not affect the way the clients are being catered to. Keeping this in mind, Y-Axis keeps taking pre-emptive steps to counter any contingencies that may arise. This ability to foresee any future changes in immigration policies by keeping its ears to the ground is also its unique selling proposition. It is, in fact, ingrained in the DNA of Y-Axis.

On the administrative side, the company has several policies in place such as barring employees from using their personal mobile phones at their workstations, implementation of surveillance cameras that keep tabs on what is coming or what is going out and monitoring of phone calls through a high-end process named Genesys ensure that employees of the company are never ever making any false moves, keeping Y-Axis free from fraudulent complaints.

Because of such cautious measures and other preventive measures that Y-Axis takes, it will undoubtedly stay far ahead of its competitors in a long time to come.