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Why Do Students Need Migration Consultants Melbourne?

Home to some of the best universities in the world like the University of Melbourne and the Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne has a huge student population who hail from different parts of the world.

Most of the students plan to stay in the country after completing their studies by joining the Australian workforce. So, if you are one of them then you need to check out your options of getting a PR visa with Y-axis Overseas Careers, which will help you stay and let you enjoy almost all the rights enjoyed by an Australian citizen.

Here’s What You Have To Do:

Talk to a Y-Axis Migration Consultant – Migration agents will understand your requirement, as they deal with clients on a daily basis. They will help you find out the visa that you qualify for by analyzing your profile and seeing if it matches with the criteria set by the immigration department. If you are found eligible, then they will help you with the application process or else they will help you find the next best alternative.

Look out for skilled migration– Skilled migration is the most preferred route taken by foreign students in Australia. As it allows you to work in the country and make a living.  You have to go through a long process in order to apply for Work visa.

You will have to submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) in SkillSelect, which is an online service designed by the Australian government to see if applicants are suitable to join the workforce. The whole application process can be daunting, and that’s when migration agents Melbourne like Y-Axis come to your rescue. The Y-Axis reviews are a proof of excellent service the company offers.

The experts will not only help you find the right visa, but they will check for your eligibility and help you with the application as well.

Like most students, if you want to kick start your career in Australia and settle in the country then it’s best to seek professional assistance from Y-Axis. Its consultants know the ins and outs of the industry which will help you find the right pathway.

Role of Y-Axis in Australia PR

If your idea is to settle Australia for a life time, you will be opening up to a wide range of opportunities available in the country. To acquire an Australia PR, you need to fulfill certain conditions. You can find out all that you need to know about this at Y-Axis. Our immigration consultant will assist you with the technical evaluation for Australia.

This evaluation will reveal to us and to you the essential facts regarding your eligibility for permanent residence in Australia and your processing we be done accordingly. Not being eligible will not be cause of worry when you consult Y-Axis immigration consultant for the same.    We will tell you which country you are eligible for, with the profile that you got.

Our complimentary report contains your score card which shows the points you have gained in the point based immigration program. Y-Axis Reviews will reveal that many people have benefited from this evaluation. We take over all your responsibilities, once you provide us with the required information. We take care of everything from the start to the end. Our wide range of services cover many things and taking care of everything with little involvement from your end.

For a further understanding of how Y-Axis can help you, you must familiarize yourself with the long list of services provided by us. We provide you with far reaching services that include Professional Consultation, Skilled Migration, Conversion from work permit to PR, Conversion from student visa to work permit, Spouse and dependent visas, Business, Tourist & student visas, Placement & Job Search Services.

So, whatever your need may be in this regard, remember that we are your destination. Since we don’t let anything go wrong with your processing, Y-Axis Fraud will never be one of your concerns. Trust us with all your immigration needs.

Y-Axis Can Help You Find A Suitable Job Abroad!

Getting a job abroad can be made easy if you consult Y-Axis for help. We at Y-Axis, have dedicated a separate staffing department to help you find a job that is in accordance with your qualifications and interests. Read Y-Axis Reviews to understand our potential. Y-Axis staffing solutions is the International Recruiting Division of our company. Our Account Managers are constantly in touch with employers and recruiting agencies around the globe.


Recruiters at Y-Axis serve as coordinators between you and your prospective employers, by trying to match your profile with the requirements of the company. Our services are so transparent, that Y-Axis Fraud will never be an issue. While finding you a job, we take care of interview scheduling too.  The scheduling is done keeping in mind the convenience for the interviewer and the interviewee.

Y-Axis charges a nominal fee for offering these services. We do not guarantee any offers or interviews, because it depends on the employer’s discretion and may differ from one profile to another. Y-Axis does what it can do best to let you reach all prospective employers in the country of your choice.


Y-Axis Testimonials will tell you how successful we have been in helping people find their dream jobs abroad. We not only help you in looking for a suitable job, we also help you prepare for the same. Resume writing is one of the services provided by Y-Axis. Once again we have a separate department to take care of this.  We prepare your profile in such a way that it can impress the employer leading to a job offer.

Since we understand the importance of a job, we hire only experts to help you create an impressive profile. Experts at Y-Axis are trained and experienced to give you only the best services.

Trust Y-Axis For All Your Needs!

If you are planning to go abroad to study or to work, consult Y-Axis for the best immigration services. Whether it is filing your application or taking your profile to prospective employers, we will do it all. Just plan your trip and give us your details, the rest will be taken care of by Y-Axis. We are a trusted firm, so Y-Axis Fraud will never be an issue.


At Y-Axis, we look into concierge services, visa application, job finding and many more things. When you provide us with your valuable information, we make use of only that, in processing documents. This keeps our clients away from the worry of any kind of fraud. This is the reason why, Y-Axis Complaints always remain less. The dedication and transparency at Y-Axis has helped increase the number of satisfied clients.


To maintain what we have achieved and to improve on the same, Y-Axis has designed an Anti Fraud policy that keeps our clients safe from any kind of fraud. Our anti fraud policy stands out in many ways. We follow simple ways to prevent fraud. Any transaction with Y-Axis will give you a receipt of the same. This will keep you informed of our dealings.

Y-Axis discourages any personal interaction between its employees and clients. If you are offered any services, other than those of Y-Axis, you are advised to bring it to our notice. In case you do get into such a transaction, the company cannot be held responsible. You must know about Y-Axis to prevent this from happening.

The most important thing to be kept in mind, is the fact that Y-Axis does not deal with any fraudulent documents. You must check the validity of the documents before giving us access to them. If you do so, you must know that Y-Axis cannot be held responsible in such circumstances. We like to trust and be trusted!

Y-Axis Offers Immigration, Visas and Lot Other Services

If you have a plan of studying, working or settling abroad, consult our experts at Y-Axis to help you with immigration, visas and a lot of other services. Our services are exception and unmatched.

The experience we gained over 15 years since 1999, is what makes us the expert in all the services we offer to the clients.


It is not only immigration that we help you with. Our services are spread far and wide covering visas, job searching, Green Card application assistance, travel and many more. Despite Y-Axis Fraud claims by few clients, the company developed a habit to deliver the best each time.

Even for those concerned about admission into the universities of their choice abroad, Y-Axis is the perfect destination. This is because, apart from taking care of your immigration process, we also tell you, your eligibility to the long list of universities spread over many countries. Not only this, we also tell you how to become eligible for any university.

When Y-Axis takes up a responsibility, it does a complete job. Along with filing your immigration application, we also provide concierge, the collection of your documents, application submissions and their collection.

This is how we do a wholesome job with very little left for you to deal with. Our staff is constantly upgrading their knowledge of various opportunities around the world.


This is our effort to give you the latest information so you can take the best decision for a beginning of a successful career. Once you understand the quality of Y-Axis immigration services, you will not go elsewhere for immigration and visa assistance.

You Are Never Vulnerable to Fraud at Y-Axis!

Y-Axis Overseas Careers has always been dedicated to its clients, who are the pivotal point around which our company revolves. We take care to deliver nothing but the best to our clients. We take utmost care to make sure that Y-Axis Fraud is never an issue with our clients. With the same view in mind, we have section called Y-Axis complaints, for people to tell us why they are unhappy, so we could improve our firm in those areas.

Those who claim that Y-Axis is fraud are probably unaware of our anti fraud policy. Y-Axis anti fraud policy is just perfect, giving the company and its clients, immunity against any fraud that is likely to occur. It is now time to get familiar with the anti fraud policy of Y-Axis. We follow simple and transparent procedures, that can never go wrong.


According to Y-Axis anti fraud policy, you can always ask for a receipt of any payment made to Y-Axis. You will also receive an acknowledgement for the same through our central software. Y-Axis provides its clients with a platform where they can get in touch with our staff, regarding their queries about payments.

Our next step to ensure the prevention of fraud is through clarity in payments. Any payments made for services rendered by Y-Axis, should be made to the company and not to the individual employee. Any client involving in such practices cannot hold the company responsible for fraud thereafter. Therefore we strictly discourage any interaction between our employee and the client, beyond the necessary exchange of words.

Another important thing that we take care of, to keep you away from all kinds of fraud is, the use of authentic documents. We only deal with those documents, that are provided to us by the clients. If you are sure that you gave us the right documents, you can be sure that nothing will go wrong.

Plan Your Visits Abroad, With Y-Axis!

To create memories of happiness, you need to spend time with the people you love.  Go on a holiday! Don’t worry about any paper work relating to your trip, because that will be taken care of by our visa consultants at Y-Axis. Don’t just trust what you read, find out from so many of our happy customers through Y-Axis Reviews.

It is first important for you to understand what a tourist visa can allow you to do. If you are planning a holiday, visiting a relative or a friend, planning to write an exam or want to see a doctor, you need a tourist visa. Granting permission for your visit, depends on your genuine intent, travel history and ability to support yourself financially.


A tourist visa will be granted for a period of six months if your applying for the first time. This also greatly depends on the country you wish to visit. However if your are someone who has visited the country before, you are eligible for 1,2,5 or 10 years of visa permit. Once again depending on your profile and your destination.


When you involve Y-Axis in planning your trip, you can enjoy a worry free holiday. This is a claim we make only after achieving top Y-Axis Ratings. While the visiting visas for all other countries have some rules, U.S alone stands out in this matter.

If you are traveling to the U.S for the first time, they require you to give a personal interview. This is not true, in case of other countries. There are some other variations too. Some countries require you to obtain a tourist visa before you visit the country, while others provide it at arrival. These is some information you will find only at Y-Axis.