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Find the Best Immigration Consultant at Y-Axis!

Planning to go abroad? You definitely need someone who can guide you  with immigration process. And who can be better than the immigration consultants at Y-Axis? Before you choose us, you must know why you should do so. Immigration is a complex process in itself. A lot of effort goes into just understanding the immigration rules of the country you choose to go to. By interacting with our immigration consultant, you equip yourself with all the information you need, to go abroad.


We are spread all over the world so we could cater to your needs, where ever you are. Y-Axis is able to deliver the best of services, because we have adopted an organized way of functioning. This method of working ensures that we do not go wrong at any step of our services. Y-Axis immigration consultant starts work with an evaluation. This evaluation, informs us about your eligibility to migrate to a certain country. This step is very crucial to Y-Axis as we wish to avoid violation of any rules through our services.

If the evaluation gives out a positive report we go ahead with the immigration process. In case it is negative, we open up new options for you to explore. In any case, we stand by you. Our customer is our priority! This is why, we have a provision at Y-Axis for you to check your eligibility for any country, be it Australia, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Hong Kong, New Zealand or Austria. This part of our services is the result of the importance we give, to your time and money.


Your opinion about our services is what matters to us the most. The Y-Axis Complaints Board is an expression of our loyalty to our customers. We encourage our customers to tell us about their concerns at the Complaint Board so we could work on them. With our services we are looking forward to establish a lifetime relationship with you.

Career Counseling with Y-Axis Overseas Careers

Knowing your career path is crucial to where you want to see yourself in life. Especially, when you are just out of college and looking for work opportunities or when you wish to study overseas, but are not sure where to go and what course to pursue.

It is in such situations you need a guide. Someone who could counsel you on your future prospects. Thus, Y-Axis Overseas Careers introduced a separate service called Y-Path that offers counseling to aspiring people like you. The service has helped many understand and take decisions about their global career. Many Y-Axis reviews show how the service let them decide what career to pursue and the prospects of a life abroad.

Who Can Opt for the Service

The service offered is timely, efficient and cost-effective. Any individual from any background can opt for the service – whether you are a student looking to study overseas, a businessman searching for overseas investment opportunities, a professional looking for work opportunities abroad – the service is for everyone.

What Makes Y-Path Unique?

Counseling mainly revolves around work opportunities abroad and migration options. And this is where Y-Axis is leading. Dealing in immigration, visas and overseas careers for 16 years, and with many offices in India, London, Dubai, and a partner office in Australia, the company knows the crux of the industry. It’s expert counselors can upon analyzing the profile, suggest suitable options abroad.

That said, many professionals from engineering, finance, hospitality and other industries have benefitted from counseling. The service is customer-centric and is also in accordance with company’s anti-fraud policy. So no chances of Y-Axis fraud claims ever coming true.

You can simply choose Y-Path if you are in a dilemma and want to know what future looks like for you in a foreign land.


For every business to succeed, it needs transparency in whatever it does – from offering products/services, to the terms and conditions, to customer service and more. And therefore, Y-Axis Overseas Careers has all transparent measures in place to ensure highest level of service delivery and customer satisfaction from all departments.

Y-Axis Fraud!? Really?

Y-Axis consultants have so far counseled a 100,000+ people in India and abroad and assisted them in filing a migration petition, go overseas for study, invest abroad, and to visit overseas for leisure. That said, it would not have been possible if there was no transparency in the day-to-day operations of the company and thereby we have Y-Axis reviews on social media.

Today, Y-Axis has grown big and wide to accommodate as many as 600 people to the Y-Axis family, and operate from over 20 offices in India, Australia, and London.

Transparent Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for the product/service have no hidden clauses and ‘no terms and conditions’ apply. Our service agreements are very much clear on everything – right from the deliverables of the service to refund policy, etc.

Prompt Customer Services Teams

Y-Axis customer service teams are prompt to address the concerns of the customers. The feedback mechanism that we have in place enables the company to offer great support to all the customers irrespective of the services they avail – be it resume writing, online job search service, immigration to Australia, Canada migration, visit visa services, etc.,

Our client relationship team is always up to collect customer feedback from time to time.

If only the Y-Axis fraud claims were true, Y-Axis would not have so many people share their success stories on the G+ accounts. People who have received their PRs and visas through Y-Axis Services also proudly share video testimonials to share their experience.

The How and What of Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry is a new system introduced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to help skilled professionals migrate to Canada with ease.

The program introduced in January 2015 is seeing huge rush from different parts of the world, especially India. So far CIC has issued 10,747 invitation-to-apply (ITA) to global skilled professionals through 10 draws it conducted. And out of these, some lucky individuals who applied through Y-Axis also received their ITAs. Their application for PR is now in process.

As the best immigration and visas consultant, Y-Axis has supervised many people apply for Canada immigration under this and many other programs. People received ITAs and have written Y-Axis Reviews referring the services to their family and friends.

How Express Entry Works

Canada, to simplify the cumbersome selection process and bring skilled workers, launched this new system. It allows them to process application in lesser time without much efforts. So how does it work?

  • An individual has to meet the basic eligibility criteria and score the required points to qualify
  • Profile has to be submitted with the CIC which will be placed in a pool
  • Your profile will be ranked among other profiles in the pool from a total score of 1200
  • CIC will conduct timely draws to pick candidates at random for a cut-off score

There are no job requirements, but having a job will always be advantageous. You could file to migrate to Canada and receive your ITA.

What You Should Do?

Filing an immigration petition is not easy. It requires you to have immense process knowledge. Even minute details matter. Hiring a consultant will help you out. If you are filing under Canada Express Entry from India or any other country, Y-Axis Immigration Consultant can assist you in the process. Keep yourself away from immigration fraud and also from Y-Axis fraud claims made to sabotage company’s image.

Hiring Y-Axis Immigration Consultants

Are you planning to migrate? Thinking of filing an immigration petition? Y-Axis Overseas Careers could be your right choice. Why? The company has been in business for 16 years now and have processed thousands of applications so far. It is well-versed with immigration rules for most countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong and the US.

The Y-Axis reviews given by the customers who received their PR and visas say a lot about the command Y-Axis holds in immigration and visas industry. The company offers great services, despite some Y-Axis fraud claims, to all its clients across India, London, Australia and Dubai.

Y-Axis clients are all praise for services related to the newly launched Canada Express Entry program. Many clients have received an invitation-to-apply and have already started the process to submit their immigration petition.

Y-Axis, headquartered in Hyderabad, offers immigration evaluation, resume writing, resume marketing and all other immigration and visa related services at all its offices.

Any country and any visa you name it, Y-Axis provides the service – does documentation, prepares your file for filing a petition and more to it – even provides post-landing services in the country you migrate to.